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How to be a good estate sale shopper.

Shopping at estate sales can be a great way to find pieces for your home or wardrobe that you won’t find anywhere else. It can also be a fun and rewarding experience, so grab your wallet and get ready to hunt for some unique finds!

Once you get to one of our sales you will often find someone outside with "the list".

The list is for the early birds that get there before our staff and start things off in an orderly manner. You should only add your own name to the list, not your wife who is "dropping the kids off", or your friend that "will be here shortly".

Once inside it is always a good idea to be kind and courteous to the staff. Remember they have already been there all week digging things out, wiping them off, pricing them and displaying and getting the home ready for you.

quietly increases your chances of a "better price".

Don't offer to "take it off our hands", we don't need it taken "off our hands" we have a plan B. We don't need to know that "you don't need it", "your buying for a friend and they might not even want it" know. Play nice and we will play nice right back.

Usually the first day of a sale the prices are firm. If you do find that you want a better price take a minute and look around. READ THE ROOM. You would be amazed how asking quietly will improve your chances.

At Chicago Estate Sales we do this for a living but we also love what we do. Bring your best attitude and smiling faces and we will do the same. See you soon,


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